Success Stories

From long-lost grandchildren to hidden gold, HeirSearch™ cases are anything but ordinary.

Please Note: Although accurate in scope, all identifying information such as names, dates and locations have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.

One Family With Many Names

How can fiduciary professionals fulfil their fiduciary duty when a decedent’s true name is unknown? A Michigan Public...

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What Happens When an Estate Has No Living Heirs?

How HeirSearch™ helps legal professionals satisfy the courts, even when the estate in question has no living heirs. A...

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Forensic Genealogy Conquers 50 Years of Familial Estrangement

A Nevada-Based Public Administrator approached HeirSearch™ to solve a puzzling case. A Public Administrator engaged H...

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A Family Tree with Countless Branches

How can legal professionals satisfy the courts when the extent of a decedent’s family is unknown? When a New York-bas...

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A Man with No Known Family

When a Public Administrator was tasked with confirming heirship for a man with no known family, HeirSearch™ was the f...

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Helping Guardians with End-of-Life Decisions

Mary Wilson was an elderly woman under the care of a Florida Plenary Guardian. Her health was declining and she was r...

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Missing For 16 Years

How do you search for a homeless Vietnam veteran that has been estranged for sixteen years? An attorney in Missouri w...

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It Started with a Photograph

Family history on the back of a single photograph When an elderly matriarch passed away, she took her family history ...

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What’s in a Name?

Was the information incorrect, or had the rightful heirs simply disappeared? When an attorney couldn’t locate the two...

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Gone Without A Trace

An unexpected inheritance helped a man get back on his feet. The man hadn’t had contact with his family for years, bu...

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Cold Case Solved

How do you search for heirs to solve a decade-old cold case? The bank assumed control of a woman’s financial affairs ...

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Long Lost Grandson

Building trust to find the truth. Did the lost heir even exist? A widow was reluctant to speak about her family with ...

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Hidden in Plain Sight

No one expects to find a hidden treasure. Cleaners discovered $7.4 million in gold hidden in Milton Hyde’s home after...

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