Interested in learning more about HeirSearch? Here are a few frequently asked questions that you may find helpful.

Who do you work with?

We welcome the opportunity to work with executors, administrators, trustees, fiduciaries, bank and trust officers, and their counsel. As a general rule, we do not offer our services directly to the public. However, if you are a private individual looking for missing heirs in your capacity as an executor or trustee of a trust or estate matter, we invite you to have your attorney contact us.

Do you do genealogical research for individuals working on their own family history?

No, HeirSearch does not conduct searches for personal purposes. We only work on searches for attorneys and trust professionals fulfilling a fiduciary responsibility.

Do you search for life insurance policies to see if I am a beneficiary?

No, HeirSearch does not work for private individuals searching for life insurance policies, unclaimed money, requests or in search for any type of an inheritance.

Who do you locate?

HeirSearch searches for specific individuals, classes of individuals, or groups of people (related or unrelated), and provides any required legal documentation and supplementary information to prove and establish the identities of these individuals or related family members, alive or deceased.

Do you charge the heirs a percentage of the heir’s inheritance?

No. We quote fees in advance, in writing, and they’re determined solely by a set fee schedule based on the type of search required, never as a percentage of the trust or estate. We never start a search without your authorization, and will never charge excessive fees.

What are your fees?

Upon your completion of our Request a Quote Form, an Account Manager will review the information and contact you to discuss which search service best fits your search needs. A fee quote will be provided in writing without cost or obligation. All information provided to HeirSearch is kept in the strictest of confidence and is subject to our privacy policy.

Are you capable of searching in a foreign country?

Yes. Since 1967, we’ve provided searches throughout North America and in more than 65 countries around the world. See what clients are saying about us.

What kind of information do you need? How much information do you need to start?

This is a very common question! Our clients are often surprised at how little information may be required for us to begin your research. Our Account Manager will review your case with you to determine the type of research needed to solve your case.

How long have you been in business?

We have provided professional heir search services for more than fifty years and have successfully resolved almost every search type imaginable.

What is your success rate?

Our staff of professional genealogical researchers are highly trained and specialized in finding missing heirs worldwide. Their combined knowledge and expertise has resulted in a 97% success rate.

How long does a search take?

Depending on the scope of the search, it can take days, weeks, or months to complete the search and secure relevant documentation. We keep you advised of our progress and next steps with regular updates and research summaries, including the identified heirs. We update you immediately if significant discoveries occur.

How do I know you have located the correct individual?

We guarantee that our findings are accurate, and provide evidence to support our research.

Do we provide updates on how research is progressing?

Yes. We provide monthly summary updates on search progress. If there are major breakthroughs, we contact you immediately.

Can I receive court-ready reports?

All reports can be created in affidavit format, ready for court presentation.

Do you carry error and omissions and general liability insurance?

Yes, in the amount of $2,000,000 and $5,000,000 respectively. We are proud to be claim-free.

Do you provide Expert Witness Testimony?

Yes, we do. Contact an HeirSearch Account Manager for more details.

Who should I contact if I’m a media professional?

If you are a media professional with a question about HeirSearch, please submit your inquiry using the Contact Us form.

How can I make suggestions to HeirSearch?

Over the years, many of our services have been established as a result of our clients’ needs and suggestions. If you would like to suggest how any of our services could be improved or new services to consider adding, send us your requests using the Contact Us form.

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