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Consanguinity Chart Walk-Through

In this video, HeirSearch walks legal professionals through our process of harnessing consanguinity to satisfy the courts.

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Lost Then Found

HeirSearch was contacted by an attorney on behalf of the personal representative of an estate – whose father had recently passed away in Missouri. The estate was of sizeable value, and the whereabouts of her brother, Jason White, was unknown.

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Helping Guardians with End-of-Life Decisions

When an elderly woman with no end-of-life plans is in her final days, how will her Guardian ensure her estranged loved ones are aware of her condition and the family’s wishes are carried out?

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Hidden In Plain Sight

No one expects to find a hidden treasure. Cleaners discovered $7.4 million in gold hidden in Milton Hyde’s home after he passed away. With this much at stake, the Public Administrator needed to be certain that they'd determined heirship correctly, especially when a new claimant appeared.

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“The Smallest Memory”: An artful insight into the world of HeirSearch.

The smallest memory can be the biggest clue to locate family and determine heirship. We Find Missing Heirs A Better Way™.