Our Process to Find Missing Heirs

We offer no-cost, no-obligation consultations, even if you’re not planning to start a search right away. Feel free to call us with any questions you might have: as subject matter experts, we’ve seen it all and we can help. Our firm dedication to A Better Way means that we will never initiate a search without your authorization.

When Search is Complete

  • We contact you immediately.
  • You receive a written report, suitable for court, that includes all supporting documentation required to establish the identities of the parties referred to in the report.
  • When appropriate, your family tree is customized to include the names, birth and death dates, corresponding exhibit numbers, and references to the individual paragraphs in our report (also made available to you in digital format).

Our goal throughout the process is always to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Promise

Solution-Oriented Approach

We address all potential roadblocks, like unverified information or sealed adoption records, at the beginning of every search, and continue to update you throughout the process.

Fully Insured Searches

For the protection of all concerned parties, we maintain corporate insurance coverage for errors, omissions ($2,000,000) and / or general liability ($5,000,000).

Reasonable Fees

Our fees are always reasonable and non-percentage based. Services are provided on an hourly basis with a recommended number of hours estimated based on the type of search required – never on the size of the trust or estate. Our fee quotations are always based on an Account Manager’s careful recommendations, tailored to your heir search requirements.

Extensive Database Access and Worldwide Resources

Our resources include digital and physical, in-house commercial and public records databases, libraries and archival records. We have established connections and relationships around the world to aid in our search.

Comprehensive Analysis

All information provided is analyzed before research starts, and confirmed as new information accumulates. You can contact your researcher via telephone or email at any time to provide answers to any questions you may have. We do not exceed our initial authorized number of hours without your approval. Should additional hours be required to complete your search, we will advise you in advance and obtain approval prior to proceeding.  

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