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What are “Mineral Rights” and How Are They Established on Inherited Property?

By: HeirSearch. Mineral rights are the rights to underground resources such as oil and natural gas, minerals and meta...

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Role of Estate Planning Attorneys

By: HeirSearch. Estate planning attorneys, also referred to as estate law attorneys or probate attorneys play a cruci...

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Estate Planning Checklist: What To Do After Drafting a Will

By: HeirSearch. Drafting a Will is just one of many vital steps that comprise estate planning. Estate planners or exe...

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Power of Attorney and Living Wills

By: HeirSearch. Two primary documents that help ensure an individual’s access to their desired healthcare outcome are...

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Preparing Heirs For Transfer of Inheritance

By: HeirSearch. The key to a successful wealth transfer is maintaining clear communication. Estate planning attorneys...

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How an Executor Can Leverage Funeral Estate Tax Deductions

By: HeirSearch. Estate tax—also known as federal estate tax—is paid by the estate based on the value of a decedent...

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