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Settlor’s Choice: Fixed vs Discretionary Trusts

By: HeirSearch. Trusts are estate-planning tools that determine how an estate’s assets are controlled, protected, and...

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Fiduciary Duty And What It Means For Estate Planning

By: HeirSearch. A fiduciary is defined as any entity with legal obligations to act on behalf of another. Fiduciaries ...

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Inheritance Tax And What You Should Know

By: HeirSearch. An unexpected inheritance is usually considered good news since it may allow you to pay off debts, fu...

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How Forensic Genealogy Differs From Regular Genealogy

By: HeirSearch. Genealogy is the study of one’s ancestors, a process that allows individuals to trace their “family t...

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What an Executor Can and Cannot Do

By: HeirSearch. At HeirSearch™, we work alongside estate professionals to locate missing heirs and establish heirship...

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When a Beneficiary Does Not Want to Be Found

By: HeirSearch. Receiving an inheritance from a long-lost relative is generally considered to be positive news. Howev...

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