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2022 Estate and Inheritance Tax: What to Expect

By: HeirSearch. Inheritance or State tax is levied on the beneficiary and must be paid on assets left to them by the ...

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How Estate Attorneys Fulfil Their Duties

By: HeirSearch. In addition to accounting for all of the Willmaker’s assets, inventory, tangible, and intangible asse...

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How HeirSearch Helps Settle Estate Ownership Matters

By: HeirSearch. When the decedent’s will is contested by its beneficiaries, or the will is invalid, how do executors,...

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Identifying Signs of Probate Fraud

By: HeirSearch. Probate fraud occurs when anything immoderately affects the probate process. Probate fraud has many f...

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How Does Intestate Succession Work?

By: HeirSearch. What happens when someone dies without a will? In an ideal scenario, one would take time to get their...

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October is Estate & Gift Planning Awareness Month

By: Financial Awareness Foundation We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. In these unprecedent...

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