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Guidelines for Selecting an Heir Search Firm – Part II

By: HeirSearch. Welcome to the second and final part of our blog series on selecting an heir search firm. In last mon...

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Guidelines for Selecting an Heir Search Firm – Part I

By: HeirSearch. When probating an estate, a lot is required of legal professionals like yourself to fulfill your fidu...

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Consanguinity Updates and Intestate Estates

By: HeirSearch. Approximately 60% of Americans die without a will, which means that many legal professionals who admi...

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Financial Literacy Month April 2022

By: HeirSearch. The month of April is upon us again, marking the return of spring, and the promise of renewal and gro...

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How to Mitigate Risk as a Plenary Guardian

By: HeirSearch. In the United States, there are several types of guardianship options available, depending on the cir...

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How HeirSearch Mitigates Fiduciary Risk During Probate

By: HeirSearch. When the beneficiaries named in a will, or the heirs in an intestacy are missing or unknown, it’...

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