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We Find Missing Heirs A Better Way™

HeirSearch research experts work with executors, administrators, trustees, fiduciaries, bank and trust officers, and their counsel to establish kinship for legal purposes. Since 1967, we’ve used forensic genealogy, an analytical research method, to successfully complete tens of thousands of worldwide searches.
Our five-pillar approach ensures reasonable, non-percentage-based fees, authorized search services, a 97% success rate, documented court-ready reports and worldwide service.

Forensic Genealogy Services

Since 1967, we’ve specialized in providing forensic genealogy services to the legal and trust professions.

Forensic genealogy is an analytical research method used to establish kinship for legal purposes. HeirSearch experts conduct thorough and unbiased research, complete with court-ready reporting and expert testimony.

At HeirSearch, we hold ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards. We Find Missing Heirs A Better Way™.

A Better Way

Reasonable Non-Percentage-Based Fees

Our fees are quoted in advance and determined by a set fee schedule based on the type of search and your requirements – never as a percentage of the trust or estate.

Authorized Search Services

Significant windfall rewards are available for heir hunters, who frequently start unauthorized searches without client consent or contractual arrangement. Our reasonable fees are always quoted in advance, and we never initiate an independent search. Our experience has shown that courts look more favourably on agreements with heir search firms when the cost of the search is known in advance.

97% Success Rate Since 1967

Thanks to a combination of specialized education, training and experience, our research experts are highly qualified to find missing heirs and beneficiaries. Since 1967, this knowledge and expertise has resulted in an average success rate of 97%.

Documented Court-Ready Reports

Our final report provides clear and convincing evidence, suitable for an exhibit in court proceedings. All available supporting documentation is included in a concise, easy-to-read format.

Worldwide Service

HeirSearch has successfully located tens of thousands of missing heirs and lost beneficiaries in more than 65 countries. Regardless of the location of the missing heirs or amount of information available on them, our in-house knowledge and international expertise means we succeed where other search firms often fail.

Search Services

Estate and Trust

We use our professional expertise to identify, locate, prove and report known and unknown heirs or beneficiaries, both domestically and internationally.


We help clients fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities in providing notice to heirs by supplying current contact information (or the results of our due diligence search efforts) in order to provide notice of estate or trust matters.


We identify, locate, prove and report heirs or beneficiaries on matters related to Clear and Quiet Title Actions and Property Ownership.

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Success Stories

HeirSearch Expertise Overcomes Gap in Public Records & Uncovers Rightful Heirs Overlooked by Heir Hunter

In this HeirSearch success story, we explore the curious case of a decedent with a substantial estate and no children, forcing us to overcome many years of incomplete African-American public records. But when an independent heir hunter threatened to compromise the heirs’ inheritance, the estate attorney enlisted our services to find the rightful heirs. HeirSearch […]

A Puzzle with a Missing Piece

A Connecticut-based attorney approached HeirSearch to conduct an overseas search to facilitate an estate settlement. The decedent, Sylvia Davison, had many siblings; a situation we’re well-equipped to handle. However, the attorney representing the decedent’s niece, the estate’s administratrix, retained HeirSearch to locate only one of Silvia’s brothers – a man who was missing and last [&h...

Long Lost Heir

Where do you find a missing relative and estranged heir? The lost heir had no record of stable employment and his family had no way to contact him. HeirSearch had to find the missing relative so the estate could be distributed.    Tyson hadn’t spoken to his family in years. The family had no last […]

Finding the Missing Pieces

Finding family members isn’t always straightforward, especially when someone destroys records. An elderly man’s will names two sisters as heirs, but no one in their father’s family has spoken to them in years. To find a lost relative, the family has to confront old prejudices before the will could be properly distributed.   When an […]

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