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HeirSearch provides forensic genealogy search services to legal and trust professionals to help them find missing heirs and meet their fiduciary responsibilities. Since 1967, we’ve successfully completed tens of thousands of worldwide heir searches with a 97% success rate.

Estate and Trust

We use our professional expertise to identify, locate, prove and report known and unknown heirs or beneficiaries, both domestically and internationally.


We help clients fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities in providing notice to heirs by supplying current contact information (or the results of our due diligence search efforts) in order to provide notice of estate or trust matters.


We identify, locate, prove and report heirs or beneficiaries on matters related to Clear and Quiet Title Actions and Property Ownership. These include Land, Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights Owner Searches; Intellectual Property Owners/Copyright Owners Searches; and Unclaimed Property Holders, Lost Security Holders, and Unresponsive Payee Searches.

Our Search Service Expertise Includes

  • Locating Missing, Unknown, or Estranged Parties for Notice or Distribution of Funds in Probate or Intestacy Matters
  • Determination of Beneficiaries for Trust Termination
  • Determination of Owners, Heirs Successors and Assigns for Real Property Title and Oil, Gas or Mineral Rights
  • Locating Witness to Wills
  • DNA Kinship Verification Learn More
  • Multilingual Research Staff
  • Discretionary & Ethical Research and Investigative Procedures
  • Verification and / or Completion of Other Third-Party Genealogical Research
  • Vital Record Searches & Obtaining Records to Prove Heirship
  • Tight Timeline & Budget Management for Court-Appointed Administrators
  • Expert Witness Testimony and Proving Heirship to the Court
  • Family Tree Reconstruction and Validation
  • Court-Accepted Affidavits & Due Diligence Reporting
  • Affidavit or Declaration of Heirship Learn More

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