Class Action Research: Why Use a Professional Search Firm?


HeirSearch has successfully located tens of thousands of class action beneficiaries, both nationally and internationally. Our success rate usually results in a dramatic rise of the take up rate for our clients.

Access to claimant background data is vital

Frequently, a defendant’s negotiating strategy can pose a negative downstream impact on the people-locating and claimant notification process. If not countered in the early stages of the class action process, this strategy can render the value of an individual settlement worthless to many, if not the majority, of potential claimants.

In other words, claims can’t materialize if the claimant isn’t notified of the class action!

Looking down the road

In the early stages of class litigation, anticipate future needs by securing access to reliable address information (current and former) for each claimant. This establishes the information required from the defendant’s records (willingly provided or otherwise court ordered), and enables the greatest number of claimants to be contacted

A professional search firm can assess this data in order to forecast the ratio of success for locating claimants.

A professional search firm can…

  • Complete missing class member searches faster and more effectively than in-house searches, publication notices, and database searches combined
  • Process thousands of individual searches on a monthly basis on a worldwide scale
  • Sometimes offer a 100% guarantee of a successful locate, or waive their fee. Other firms may offer unverified database searches only
  • Sometimes guarantee “Live Verification” of the reported address

To learn more about how HeirSearch can help with your class action research, get in touch with us now.