Success Stories

Long Lost Grandson

Building trust to find the truth.

Did the lost heir even exist? A widow was reluctant to speak about her family with strangers. The process of finding the correct beneficiary became much more delicate.


Nancy was 96-years old when her husband, John, passed away. John was the beneficiary of a significant trust fund, and a trust officer contacted HeirSearch to discover if John had fathered any children.

Nancy felt uncomfortable talking about her family, and at first, did not provide any information to HeirSearch’s experts. Eventually, the team discovered that she and John had once had a son. However, the son died years before John passed. The painful memory of her lost loved ones left Nancy unable to discuss their lives with other people.

Once the HeirSearch team had earned Nancy’s trust, she revealed a key piece of information. Nancy had a grandson, but it had been 43 years since she had last seen him. Nancy didn’t know where her grandson was, but she thought her daughter Mary might have more information.

Finding a lost heir with limited information

Mary gave us her nephew’s name — Maurice. She told us that he might be living in Utah. With this information and Maurice’s unique surname, our search specialists were able to track the lost heir down.

The court awarded Maurice his grandfather’s trust fund, and he was able to reconnect with his lost family. Even though Maurice hadn’t seen his father’s family in years, HeirSearch’s research experts helped reconnect a family and ensure that the rightful heir was located.


Disclaimer: Although accurate in scope, all identifying information such as names, dates and locations have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.
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