Success Stories

Missing For 16 Years

How do you search for a homeless Vietnam veteran that has been estranged for sixteen years?

An attorney in Missouri was the Executor handling an estate valued at approximately $500,000. The decedent had left a sizeable inheritance for his estranged son, Jason White. Consequently, the attorney hired us to search for the homeless Vietnam veteran to find him, alive or deceased.

Besides a last known “address” of a rescue mission in New Mexico, the Executor had provided us with Jason’s date of birth and Social Security number. The known family members had not seen or heard from him in over sixteen years.

During our search, we were faced with numerous research challenges and complexities due to the transient profile of the subject. Our research experts discovered other shelters he had frequented in other states and followed these trails along with searching for documentary evidence in proprietary and genealogical databases.

The search efforts eventually led us to Arizona and we attained a mobile number possibly associated with Jason, an important breakthrough toward verifying his identity and location. Within twenty-four hours Jason returned our phone call and we were able to confirm that he was indeed the son of the decedent. We provided the contact information to our client along with our final report providing clear and convincing evidence, suitable for court presentation.

The uncertainty about Jason White’s whereabouts ended. Our researchers succeed in the most challenging missing heir cases. They have the expertise, resources and are “hands-on.”


Disclaimer: Although accurate in scope, all identifying information such as names, dates and locations have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.
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