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Lost then found. An estranged Vietnam veteran is located after 16 years.

 An estate attorney in Missouri leverages HeirSearch’s expertise to locate and identify an heir who hadn’t been heard from for over 10 years.


HeirSearch was contacted by an attorney on behalf of the personal representative of an estate – whose father had recently passed away in Missouri. The estate was of sizeable value, and the whereabouts of her brother, Jason White, was unknown.

With a distribution being held by the court for the benefit of the estranged son or his heirs, the estate could not be settled without doing the due diligence to discover what became of Jason. HeirSearch’s forensic genealogical expertise was needed to locate the missing son, verify if he was alive and, if deceased, if he had any heirs.

Jason was a Vietnam War veteran and, when he returned home, he lived close to his family but then ultimately chose a vagrant lifestyle. He would stay in touch with postcards and phone calls over the years until suddenly the communication stopped. It had been more than 10 years since they had heard from him and, as far as they knew, he may have been deceased.

With a date of birth, Social Security Number, and a shelter in New Mexico as a possible last known address to work with, HeirSearch’s investigation into Jason’s whereabouts began.

Jason’s transient history, experiences with homelessness, and unstable employment record presented HeirSearch’s research team with numerous obstacles, complexities, and challenges.

However, with their expertise, our forensic genealogists’ investigation traveled across the nation from one shelter to another, mapping Jason’s history all the way to Arizona.

It was here that a mobile phone number was identified as a possible match with Jason’s information.

Within 24 hours of the lead, HeirSearch spoke directly with Jason, who subsequently confirmed his identity as the heir to his father’s estate.

The experts at HeirSearch were able to provide the attorney with a report supporting his identity. Even in this challenging case, HeirSearch was able to confirm Jason’s location and identity, and the attorney was able to satisfy the Court, settle the estate, and an estranged family was at long last reunited.


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