Success Stories

What’s in a Name?

Was the information incorrect, or had the
rightful heirs simply disappeared?

When an attorney couldn’t locate the two missing heirs named in an estate matter, HeirSearch was called upon for assistance.

It was as though Dyson Tyler and Kelly Thomas had never existed.

Our client appointed us to search for two male heirs named in the decedent’s will. With no other background information such as last known addresses, dates of birth or the relationship to the decedent known, HeirSearch took over the case.

Experience leads to a new approach.

HeirSearch results from preliminary research produced similar negative results, and a new strategy was put in place. Focusing on research going back in time as opposed to going forward, research uncovered pertinent information about the decedent prior to when the will was written over 20 years ago. We were then able to conclusively confirm that 35 years ago two women with the same names as the presumed male heirs were former employees at a college where the decedent was employed as a professor for much of his career.

With solid leads to pursue, the locating of the two heirs to present time posed little obstacle for the experienced researchers at HeirSearch. The turnaround time to the client was within three weeks; both heirs were reported alive and well and in fact living on opposite sides of the country. With our report, the client was able to prove to the court the rightful heirs and distributions could be made.


Disclaimer: Although accurate in scope, all identifying information such as names, dates and locations have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.
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