Success Stories

Long Lost Heir

Where do you find a missing relative and estranged heir?

The lost heir had no record of stable employment and his family had no way to contact him. HeirSearch had to find the missing relative so the estate could be distributed. 


Tyson hadn’t spoken to his family in years. The family had no last known address or means of contact for him, either. One of his relatives passed on and named Tyson as an heir to a large inheritance. Funds could not be distributed, though, until he was located. The executor of the estate contacted HeirSearch to help find Tyson.

HeirSearch reached out to his family for information on Tyson’s whereabouts, but none of his relatives knew where he was. The only Tyson-related information that they had was grim. He was likely using drugs and may have links to criminal activity. 

Due to his drug use, Tyson did not have a record of steady employment. At HeirSearch, we often handle cases with limited information, and we located Tyson in just seven weeks.

Once we found Tyson, the rightful heirs could receive their inheritance, and the executor’s job was complete.


Disclaimer: Although accurate in scope, all identifying information such as names, dates and locations have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.
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