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A Man with No Known Family

When a Public Administrator was tasked with confirming heirship for a man with no known family, HeirSearch was the firm that could locate the estate’s rightful heirs.

When a Public Administrator in California was tasked with confirming heirship of the decedent, HeirSearch was the firm that could help. And like many of our cases, this mystery presented a host of unique genealogical challenges.

This man died with no known family members and had multiple variations of his last name. While we were told that a friend of the decedent claimed to know the man’s mother’s name and that he had a sister, nothing was concrete. To our advantage, we are comfortable with these types of cases and consistently locate heirs with minimal information.

Through our genealogical and investigative research, we:

  • Recovered the true spelling of the decedent’s last name. Name variations can morph significantly over time; they are a common and often detrimental pitfall in many agencies’ quests to locate an estate’s rightful heirs. This is particularly true when the decedent party has no known family. Thanks to our 54 years of industry-leading experience, we are consistently able to identify true decedent names to establish heirship, even in the most adverse cases
  • Determined the decedent’s parents’ names, which also led to knowledge of multiple grandchildren
  • Identified the man’s two siblings: A brother (deceased) and sister (living)

Ultimately, we provided current contact information for the decedent’s inheritors.

With HeirSearch’s guidance, the Public Administrator was able to contact the estate’s rightful heirs and distribute its funds.


Disclaimer: Although accurate in scope, all identifying information such as names, dates and locations have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.
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