Success Stories

Cold Case Solved

How do you search for heirs to solve a decade-old cold case?

The bank assumed control of a woman’s financial affairs after she was placed under their guardianship. When their search for her heirs proved unsuccessful, they came to HeirSearch.


In 1931, Marion was declared mentally incompetent and her bank assumed financial guardianship over her affairs. In 2009, she passed away and the bank searched for her rightful heirs for 10 years with no success.

There was no record of Marion ever receiving any visitors. The bank believed that she may not have any living relatives. Their search for heirs and information covered more than 50 years of public birth, death, and various public records including census records, but they came up empty-handed. After a decade of searching, the bank contacted HeirSearch for assistance.

Within only a few months, our forensic genealogists uncovered a property record within a county land title office. To the bank’s surprise, this information was the key to finding the true heirs.

Thanks to HeirSearch’s research efforts and expertise, the rightful heirs received their inheritance. At last, the bank could finally close the case.


Disclaimer: Although accurate in scope, all identifying information such as names, dates and locations have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.
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