Success Stories

Finding the Missing Pieces

Finding family members isn’t always straightforward, especially when someone destroys records.

An elderly man’s will names two sisters as heirs, but no one in their father’s family has spoken to them in years. To find a lost relative, the family has to confront old prejudices before the will could be properly distributed.


When an elderly man passed away, he left an inheritance to his two grandnieces. These two women hadn’t spoken to their father or his side of the family since their parents’ bitter divorce. They proved more difficult to locate than anticipated.

The women’s father had passed away years earlier and had destroyed all records of his children, including photographs. The sisters were not in contact with their grandparents. No one in their father’s family knew how to contact them.

The missing information to find a lost relative

Our research experts managed to locate the sisters’ paternal grandmother living in a care facility. Unexpectedly, she had the missing information HeirSearch needed to find the women. She said she believed that their mother had joined the military after her divorce. 

With this information, HeirSearch was able to trace the mother to Germany. From there, our researchers found the two missing heirs.

The two women received their inheritance and happily reunited with their estranged family. They reconnected with their grandmother, whom they thought had died years before. Despite the family estrangement, missing records, and a search that spanned continents, HeirSearch’s expert researchers were able to solve the case. Find a lost relative with HeirSearch today.


Disclaimer: Although accurate in scope, all identifying information such as names, dates and locations have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.
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