Success Stories

The Woman with Many Names

We find heirs, even when they seem determined to stay lost.

The woman named in the will had changed her name so many times, it seemed like it would be impossible to locate her. Until the attorney could find all heirs, the estate’s funds could not be distributed.


When a decedent’s will named a woman called Sandy Weismann as a beneficiary, locating her seemed like a routine task. However, the attorney tasked with finding Sandy Weismann soon discovered that this wasn’t a typical case. When it seemed as though Sandy did not want to be found, they engaged HeirSearch’s forensic genealogy services.

Throughout her life, Sandy had been fastidious in her attempts to hide. Not only had she changed her name many times, but she had also changed her date of birth to keep up with the new personas. She’d married several times and had taken her husband’s surname each time. Sandy had also opened different bank accounts under each new identity.

We’re used to difficult cases at HeirSearch and are able to find heirs even with limited information. We interviewed many of Sandy’s family members and acquaintances, hoping to discover a lead. After searching meticulously through every related record, HeirSearch discovered several different aliases. Though each name was different, they all led back to the same woman: Sandy Weissman. 

With HeirSearch’s help, the attorney could finally disperse the estate’s funds.


Disclaimer: Although accurate in scope, all identifying information such as names, dates and locations have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.
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