October is Estate & Gift Planning Awareness Month



By: Financial Awareness Foundation

We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.

In these unprecedented circumstances, now, it is more important than ever to help everyone to ensure that their financial house is in order.

To that end, we would like to invite everyone to join the Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement.

The plan behind The Movement is to reach everyone at least twice a year through a personal finance content media blitz around the strategic campaign venues of the;

  • Estate & Gift Planning Awareness Month in October
  • Financial Literacy Month in April

Both campaigns are educational and motivational reminders and tools for making wise, lifelong financial decisions towards building a current financial, estate and gift plan.

We encourage financial / planned giving / nonprofit / education professionals and their organizations, employers, municipalities, and the news media to actively participate in The Movement to alert, educate, motivate, and assist everyone to cost effectively establish and keep their financial, estate and gift plans current.

120 million America’s – half the adults – don’t have nor understand the importance of having such plans to protect themselves and their family.

That’s a HUGE opportunity for financial service, planned giving and nonprofit professionals to “strengthen relationships” with clients and prospects, generate new revenue opportunities, while producing needed gifts and bequests for many educational institutions and nonprofits while you are helping to solve a major social challenge made much worse with COVID-19.

This goes a long way to solving the lack of financial awareness along with curing the financial illiteracy epidemic.

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