What is a Probate Genealogist?


by: HeirSearch

What happens when a deceased person leaves behind an inheritance? In some cases, there may be no known heirs. In others, heirs might be named, but their location unknown. There might even be a mix of known and unknown heirs, especially as family trees grow more complicated.

In situations like these, executors, administrators, trustees, fiduciaries, and bank and trust officers will often hire experts to conduct probate research. Probate research is a critical component of the probate judicial process. Before a deceased person’s assets are distributed to the rightful heirs, researchers work on the estate’s behalf to identify and locate next-of-kin.

What Does a Probate Genealogist Do?

Probate genealogists are professional forensic researchers. They work to identify, locate, prove, and report missing heirs and beneficiaries in testate and intestate estate matters.

A probate genealogist’s goal is to help the client fulfill their fiduciary requirements. These include facilitating the legal disposition of a decedent’s assets to living heirs and beneficiaries and notifying potential heirs at law of the probate proceedings.

An experienced probate genealogist will complete research, identify rightful heirs, prepare the required documents and reports, and provide expert testimony when needed.

Clients include sole legal practitioners and some of the largest probate and estate planning law firms, financial institutions, private companies, and governmental agencies in North America.

The HeirSearch Team of Probate Genealogists

At HeirSearch, our Probate Genealogist team has extensive experience and worldwide resources that allow us to solve cases both simple and complex, domestically and internationally.

Unlike amateur genealogists, probate genealogists like the ones at HeirSearch do not work on family histories. As a general rule, we do not offer our services directly to the public, including private family name heritage or traditional genealogy.

When a search concludes, we send detailed reports, including family tree charts, supporting documentation, and sworn affidavits to help our clients settle matters as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Thanks to our proven 97% success rate and dedication to our values, HeirSearch has become the industry leader and the heir search firm of choice. We’re proud of the professional reputation we’ve earned over more than fifty years in the heir search industry.

Do You Need a Professional Probate Genealogist?

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