Tools of the Trade: How a Professional Probate Genealogist Finds Missing Heirs


By: HeirSearch.

Many trust and estate professionals who need to locate missing heirs or beneficiaries follow the do-it-yourself approach. This method has become more popular because the internet and social media have made personal information databases easily accessible online.

However, most trust and estate professionals are not trained in genealogy and may face roadblocks during an heir or beneficiary search. Amateur searches can often be frustrating at best and, at worst, futile. Searchers often encounter these common roadblocks:

● Not all family members will be forthcoming with or even have access to accurate information. Vital records aren’t always available, and for the average person, they are often not accessible.

● Even if they are accessible, these records may be inaccurate or incomplete.

● Contact information, if available, isn’t always up-to-date. Some people, for whatever reason, don’t want to be found.

Beneficiary searches can also cross international borders and require an expert’s ability to navigate local laws, languages, cultural norms, or even political conflicts.

In some cases, searches mean travel to extremely rural and difficult-to-access regions that require the guidance and assistance of locals in the interest of safety. While some people may consider such a journey the adventure of a lifetime, it can quickly become an exercise in frustration if they cannot obtain the vital information needed to dispense the assets in question.

Such obstacles are why many trust and estate professionals look to HeirSearch for assistance from a Professional Probate Genealogist.

What is it Like to be a Professional Genealogist?

Our researchers are experienced professionals that adhere to the Genealogical Proof Standard with unique specialties, including history, forensics, sociology, geography, private investigation, and archival management.

HeirSearch genealogists easily navigate the vast and dynamic databases we use for searches. They are skilled in managing connections, resources, and relationships that span the globe to access information quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Our researchers always keep clients advised of progress and next steps via the communication method of their choice and provide research summaries, including information on identified heirs.

Do You Need Help Finding An Heir Or Beneficiary?

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