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Great. Would not look anywhere else. Prompt and competent service at a reasonable price.

Weiser, ID Attorney

Very responsive and thorough work!

Wauwatosa, WI Attorney

I enjoy working with you, thank you for your great assistance. You may certainly use me as a referral. I would enthusiastically recommend HeirSearch.

Inverness, FL Attorney

Previous attempts to locate a missing heir were unsuccessful. You got the job done! Thank you.

Palm Springs, CA Attorney

Thank you so much for all your hard work in helping us to find information about two shareholders for our corporation. Our researcher was so competent and helpful - the best! She was 100% successful in finding much information about each of them. We now know that they have both passed away and have no heirs, so we can move forward with that knowledge. Thank you so much!

Fish Camp, CA Shareholder

Excellent job! Very professional and results came quickly and accurately. Found a missing heir that other sources were unable to find. Thank you!

Oklahoma City, OK Attorney

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