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Reasonable Non-Percentage Based Fees

Our fees are quoted in advance and determined by a set fee schedule based on the type of search required. Unlike other search firms that can charge up to 50 percent of the heir’s share due, at HeirSearch.com we provide search solutions at a reasonable cost and never charge a percentage. Our services can be retained on a flat fee basis or on an hourly basis. Learn about our Search Types.

Authorized Search Services

Unauthorized searches are common in the industry due to the significant windfall rewards that are possible. At HeirSearch.com, we are retained by attorneys and trust officers for reasonable fees as quoted in advance and never initiate an independent search.  We believe courts look more favorably on agreements with heir search firms when the cost of the search is known in advance.  Read about the Industry.

97% Success Rate Since 1967

Our professional research staff is highly qualified through a combination of education, training and experience, specializing in finding missing heirs and beneficiaries. Since 1967, the knowledge and expertise HeirSearch.com has developed results in a historical overall success rate of 97%. Regardless of how limited the available information maybe, we will have handled similar cases in the past. More about us.

Documented Court Ready Reports

Our final report provides clear and convincing evidence of the identities and location of all concerned parties. All available supporting documentation, including records of birth, death, marriage, divorce, census, etc. are included. The report is compiled and presented in an easily understood format fully suitable as an exhibit in court proceedings. See Search Services.

Worldwide Service

Over the years, HeirSearch.com has successfully located missing heirs and beneficiaries in more than 65 countries. Regardless of location or scarcity of information, our in-house knowledge and access to International external research expertise allows us to succeed where other firms often fail. Request a Free Quote.


Our Mission Statement

At HeirSearch.com we believe that professional fees charged to locate missing heirs should be fair and reasonable, based only upon the actual effort required to conduct the search… NEVER as a percentage of an heir’s inheritance. We Find Missing Heirs A Better Way®

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Missing Heir Search

HeirSearch.com searches for named or unknown heirs in a testate or intestate estate.


Search for Notice

HeirSearch.com searches for heirs when notice is required to be given to heirs.


Due Diligence Search

HeirSearch.com performs and documents searches that meet the  requirement of due diligence.