Financial Literacy Month April 2022


By: HeirSearch.

The month of April is upon us again, marking the return of spring, and the promise of renewal and growth for the summer months. This makes it the perfect month to mark Financial Literacy Month – an opportunity for nationwide awareness in staying up-to-date with finances, estate, and gift plans to protect ourselves and our families’ futures. With tens of thousands of Americans reaching retirement age daily, families around the country remain burdened with student loans or other growing forms of debt.

Financial Literacy Month is the semi-annual spring strategic campaign venue adopted by The Financial Awareness Foundation (TFAF), to help fill a huge knowledge gap in personal financial education by taking an active leadership role in pulling the focus of industries, organizations, educational bodies, and more into their vast community resources.

We at HeirSearch support The Financial Awareness Foundation and encourage our peers in the legal, financial, planned giving, nonprofit, and education professionals fields to take action in raising awareness.

As a member of one of these industries, you can easily raise awareness by engaging your organizations, employers, municipalities, and the news media to actively participate in The Movement to alert, educate, motivate, and assist everyone to cost-effectively establish and keep their financial, estate and gift plans current.

As part of the ‘Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement,’ TFAF celebrates April as Financial Literacy Month and six months later with October as Estate & Gift Planning Awareness Month – two critical, value-based semi-annual strategic campaigns. Featuring educational and motivating content, helpful tools, and literature, TFAF helps the public stay informed about financial decisions.

We encourage you to share this simple quiz with your clients and broader network (or try it yourself as well!) to gain a better understanding of their financial literacy and know-how! To stay connected with TFAF, join their mailing list to receive valuable resources straight to your inbox.

How HeirSearch Supports Financial Wellness

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