Dead Celebrity Ep 15 Jerry Weintraub: Modern Polyamory With Kim Kamin


by David H. Lenok, Kim Kamin |

Relationships involving multiple partners are far more common (and less ridiculous) than many advisors may think.

If you had a client with multiple partners, would you know how to handle their estate planning? Don’t close the page yet! This question may be far less ridiculous than you think.

In this episode,’s senior editor, David Lenok, speaks with Kim Kamin, principal at Gresham Partners, about Jerry Weintraub’s unusual marital situation. This Emmy-Award winning producer, talent manager and actor lived with a long-term girlfriend while still staying married to (and on good terms with) his wife. Together, David and Kim discuss Jerry Weintraub’s story, the overlooked prevalence of “polyamorous” couples in today’s society and considerations for advisors who may be unwittingly working with polyamorous clients.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About the many variations of modern polyamory;
  • How to tactfully ask your coupled clients about their relationships;
  • Considerations that have to be made depending on whether the polyamorous relationship is a public or private arrangement;
  • Ways to help your polyamorous clients dodge estate planning hurdles;
    And more!

Tune in now and learn how to help your polyamorous clients with their estate planning.

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