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Probate Code Provides Ground Rules for Who Gets What from Wills and Trusts

by Downey Brand LLP |
Many California will and trust disputes arise from ambiguity in the document with respect to who is entitled to an asset. Maybe the document was hazy from the start or perhaps circumstances have changed such that the rightful recipient is no longer clear.
Two cases decided in the California Court of Appeal last year illustrate the conflicts that surface over interpreting wills and trusts.
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Top 10 Estate Planning Tax Facts for 2019 You Need to Know

Estate Planning Tax Facts for 2019

by Robert Bloink & William H. Byrnes |
Although every client should review his or her estate planning strategy on a fairly regular basis, after a major tax overhaul, it’s important for clients to take an even more detailed look at the various elements of their estate plans.
For some clients, this will require evaluating changing circumstances and future goals to determine whether existing trusts and other planning strategies continue to make sense in light of tax reform.
Here are the top issues that clients may need to consider in 2019.
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Should Inheritances be Equal or Fair?

Should Inheritances be Equal or Fair

by Stanley H. Teitelbaum & Martin M. Shenkman |

Many parents grapple with the conflict of leaving less to one child.

A common issue for those trying to plan an estate, especially the dispositive provisions of a will or revocable trust, are the dispositive provisions. The issue is summarized in a short phrase: “equal versus fair.” The vast majority of people use equal as the default dispositive scheme and don’t delve into what’s “fair.” It’s simpler. It’s assumed that equal won’t create ill will among heirs in contrast to an unequal but fair distribution.
While equal is certainly a simple default, it may not be appropriate or fair for heirs of varying need. But exploring what might be fair once the default approach of equality is varied can be a challenging and emotional discussion for many clients.
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National Financial Literacy Month

financial awareness
Every April celebrates Financial Literacy Month by supporting The Financial Awareness Foundation.
The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was formed to help solve social problems because of a lack of financial awareness and financial literacy.
The Foundation serves as a nonpolitical “financial awareness advocate” for the public, financial services and nonprofit professionals, and their organizations, educational institutions, employers and municipalities.

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