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Our Search Services include:

Heirship Search Services may be required under the Following Circumstances

  1. Missing Heir Search: HeirSearch.com searches for named or unknown heirs in a testate or intestate estate. To read our article for selecting an Heir Search Firm, click here.
  2. Missing Beneficiary Search: HeirSearch.com searches for a named beneficiary to a will, trust or insurance policy.
  3. Missing Legatees Search: HeirSearch.com searches for a named individual or an organization receiving property in a will.
  4. Notice to Heirs Search: HeirSearch.com searches for heirs when notice is required to be given to heirs.
  5. Quiet Title or Real Estate Search: HeirSearch.com searches for property owners or people on property title for Clear Title and Quiet Title Action.
  6. Mass Tort Plaintiffs Search: HeirSearch.com searches for missing participants or their heirs.
  7. Due Diligence Search: HeirSearch.com performs and documents searches that meet the requirement of due diligence. This can be presented in affidavit format, ready for court presentation.
  8. Witness to Will Search: HeirSearch.com searches for and locates witnesses to a will that cannot be located even with little or no information.
  9. Heirs to Wrongful Death Search: HeirSearch.com searches for and locates the family member or rightful heirs of a decedent in a wrongful death suit.
  10. Intellectual Property Owners/Copyright Owners Search: HeirSearch.com can perform and document diligent searches for cases involving Orphan works in which the copyright owner cannot be located. As per the “Orphan Works Act of 2006″, Sec. 514(a)(a)(A): before the infringing use of the work began, the infringer… (i) performed and documented a reasonably diligent search in good faith to locate the owner of the infringed copyright. Also, as per the “Orphan Works Act of 2006″, Sec. 514(a)(2)(iii): A reasonably available technology, which may include, if reasonable under the circumstances, resources for which a charge of subscription fee is imposed.
  11. Class Action Search: HeirSearch.com has searched for and located tens of thousands of Class Action beneficiaries both nationally and internationally. Our success rate usually results in a dramatic rise of the take up rate for our clients.
  12. Land, Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights Owner Search: In addition to trust and estate heir searches, we are often hired by attorneys to search for mineral right heirs for energy company clients or at times we work directly for the oil, gas or mining companies. We provide expert search services to clear title, quiet title, locate heirs, obtain relevant records to identify individuals who may hold an interest and determine ownership of both land and mineral rights.
  13. Lost Securityholder & Unresponsive Payee Search: HeirSearch.com has successfully provided searches for lost securityholders and unresponsive payees since 1967. Compliance with the adopted amendments to SEC Rule 17Ad-17 was January 23, 2014. These amendments extended the search for “lost security holders” from record keeping transfer agents to include brokers and dealers.
  14. Affidavit or Declaration of Heirship: An Affidavit of Heirship, and in some states referred to as a Declaration of Heirship is a legal document used to determine the legal right to inheritance of a deceased individual’s assets. These assets can be in regards to real or financial property.

These searches are typically required by trust and estate officers at financial institutions or by attorneys specializing in estate and probate, real estate, litigation including class action, mass tort, and wrongful death, and intellectual property.

We also conduct searches to find heirs on behalf of guardians, public administrators, executors and administrators of estates, private fiduciaries, conservators, and trustees.

To learn more about what you need to know about heir searchers and the heir search industry, click here.

Search Types

HeirSearch.com searches for specific individuals or “classes” of individuals, or groups of people (related or unrelated) and provides any required legal documentation and supplementary information, when available, to prove and establish the identities of these individuals or related family members alive or deceased.

View Intestate Succession Chart Here

Direct Search: Search for one specific named person. The search can be expanded to locate the person’s issue (children) or the executor of the estate if the person in question is located deceased.

Multiple Search: Search for multiple related people. The search can be expanded to locate a person’s issue (children) or the executor of the estate if any/all of the search subjects in question are located deceased.

Heirs at Law: When identifying heirs for an estate or trust, the laws require that the heirs are located in order of consanguinity. This is especially pertinent for situations of Intestacy, For Notice, or Trust Under Will.

Lineal Search: Does the decedent have living issue (children)? If no living lineal descendants survive, the search may be expanded to relatives one generation back – Level I Heirs.

Level I Heirs: This search comprises the decedent’s parents, decedent’s siblings (whole or half blood) and their issue (nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews, etc). Depending on the search’s requirements, heirs may be located on a per stirpes or per capita basis. For example, an only child would have no Level I heirs. If no living Level I descendants can be established, probate law may dictate that a search be expanded to relatives one generation back – Level II Heirs.

Level II Heirs: This search includes the decedent’s grandparents and their descendants (the decedent’s aunts and uncles, first cousins, etc, of the whole or half blood). Because distribution laws typically provide for Maternal and Paternal heirs, , this search usually involves two (2) concurrent searches – for the Maternal and Paternal grandparents of the decedent. HeirSearch.com can also narrow the scope of the search to just the Maternal or Paternal heirs.

Level III Heirs: Great-Grandparents and their descendants. Expanding a search to this level is not common. The majority of research is complete at the Level II heirs. However, HeirSearch.com has the expertise to make a determination of heirs, no matter how far back it is necessary to research.